because we can procrastinate.

my lack of discipline results in:

my thesis looking as sparse yet simple as this picture.
a good thing? beats me.

yet here i am, blogging and blog-hopping.
so i might as well do this (via aubergine) -

I am currently...

excited about: dinner prepared by gaoster! as always.
worried about:
not being able to finish her thesis' first chapter by tomorrow morning.
reading: "The 1960s: Modernity, Youth Culture, and Hong Kong Cantonese Cinema" by Poshek Fu in The Cinema of Hong Kong
my next appropriate paragraph and at the same time, how i can sew a big bow to a LBD
loving: Chloe, Stella & Anna - my Chanel bags

hating: my pathetic 2GB per month internet plan
wondering: if i can and should stay on in Melbourne when i graduate at the end of the year
for vanilla, strawberry and choc & chips cupcakes
listening to: All This Time by I Call Shotgun
watching: Talking About My Generation on Channel 10
for a Heidi Klum's body

what about you?


  1. excited about watching a gold class movie for the first time ( wanna join me ? =) )
    worried about the 2 upcoming tests next week
    reading little women
    creating a photo album for my friend's bday
    loving the weather haha
    hating my usual procrastination
    wondering what to put in that album
    craving haagen daz macadamia brittle ice cream
    listening to the last day on earth by kate miller
    watching rosy business.. some scheming hk drama as usual
    desiring hmmmmm

  2. mmm... cupcakes! what are your options other than melbourne? up here we're all wondering whether to move down *to* melbourne... there ain't many design jobs up here!

  3. yiwen: haagen daz macadamia brittle ice cream.. niceeee! hahaha rosy business. how many HK drama serials have u finished watching man?!

    josephine: i would love to go to Hong Kong to work but atm, it's looking to be returning back to S'pore. oh where about are you at? Melbourne is the arts city after all so it should be a good move!