head statements.

as a little girl, my mom would dress me up in pretty dresses that she had tailor made herself. i also remember how she loved to tie my hair up with a ribbon or leave it down with a nice headband on. over the years, mom's fashion sense rubbed off on me. one thing that really remained constant in my life through fashion is the use of headbands. they're an absolute accessory for a bad hair or moody day; pushing the hair back somehow lightens and brightens up my perspective. i know my mom doesn't really fancy my current hairstyle so whenever she sees me put on a headband, she'd be delighted and would always comment, "you should pull your hair back more often."

mom would like this.

my current collection brought over from S'pore.
in clockwise: Ferragamo, blue flower headband given to by my sister, colourful headband from Topshop, metal chain from Miss Shop, double brown pleats & black beaded both from Sportsgirl

so over the past few days, i scoured through online shops, in particular evilbay, for more headbands to add to my collection. i narrowed down from almost 20 designs to finally decide i will only get these few for now -

via sodamnkawaii on ebay.

what's a girl to do when she's been stuck at home writing her thesis for 3 days?

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