head statements.

as a little girl, my mom would dress me up in pretty dresses that she had tailor made herself. i also remember how she loved to tie my hair up with a ribbon or leave it down with a nice headband on. over the years, mom's fashion sense rubbed off on me. one thing that really remained constant in my life through fashion is the use of headbands. they're an absolute accessory for a bad hair or moody day; pushing the hair back somehow lightens and brightens up my perspective. i know my mom doesn't really fancy my current hairstyle so whenever she sees me put on a headband, she'd be delighted and would always comment, "you should pull your hair back more often."

mom would like this.

my current collection brought over from S'pore.
in clockwise: Ferragamo, blue flower headband given to by my sister, colourful headband from Topshop, metal chain from Miss Shop, double brown pleats & black beaded both from Sportsgirl

so over the past few days, i scoured through online shops, in particular evilbay, for more headbands to add to my collection. i narrowed down from almost 20 designs to finally decide i will only get these few for now -

via sodamnkawaii on ebay.

what's a girl to do when she's been stuck at home writing her thesis for 3 days?


battle of the ugly and the cute.

as i've come to know from watching animal documentaries and reading National Geographic, the ocean is a mysterious place filled with many odd yet interesting creatures. so if not for the invention of film and photography, we would probably still be living in oblivion to the existence of such ugly and cute creatures in the ocean.

a baby stingray
this is probably more disturbing than cute.

the ugliest of the lot - Mr. Blobby!


hoot, hoot, not!

before liz left about a month ago, she passed me a bag of hangers, a delicate laundry bag and a surprise gift (which i initially thought was something she accidentally popped into the bag).
i'm a fan of the colour red and especially leggings so when she got me a pair of red hot leggings with funky patterns, i was just too delighted!

it was quite tricky putting this on.

i finally decided to wear them out today and not to my surprise, got quite a lot of stares; i even had an old man smile to me when i stood up to leave the train! (that creeped me out a little bit.)
as any normal girl, i started to wonder, do i look horrendously shiteous in this outfit? are people staring cos they think the leggings are weird/ugly/awful? or is it cos it's cool and funky?
it definitely didn't help that when i met gaoster at Myer after class, he said, "you look like a Hooter's waitress."
i fully object to what he said cos i don't think i did! maybe the whole ensemble wasn't the most flattering and suitable with that leggings but i don't think it was of a Hooter's level..... is it?

EDIT: gaoster says it's the boots and the high waisted shorts that made me look like one. (oh yes, and just in case i've made him out to be such a horrid person, he has said to me, "i'm sorry! i take back my words!!")


whatever it is, i still think they're an amazing pair of leggings.
thanks, liz. (:


eavesdropping is good fun.

Girl 1: "Can lesbians get pregnant?"
Girl 2: "No, only gay girls can."

Girl 1: "We're going on our first date."
Girl 2: "Really?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, we've been shagging for five months, but it's still our first date."

Girl: "I'm on a new diet. I can eat only green food."
Friend: "There's carrot in your sandwich."

Boy1: "What is a hotdog?"
Boy2: "it's basically sausage rolled in a bread."
Boy1: "What? No meat?"

Woman 1: "I was eating an M&M the other day."
Woman 2: "What, the rapper?"

Girl 1: "That fat woman in front is looking at us like she wants to eat us."
Girl 2: "I wonder what we would taste like."
Girl 1: "probably chocolate. We are wearing chocolate deodorant."

credits: mX Overhead, August 25th, 2009.


it's about time she makes her apperance.

since i was on the topic of funny/cute animals in the previous post, i thought, "why not put some funny photos of my dear sushee up too? after all, i've not blogged about her at all here."
so here we go. say hello to the resident dog on expect the unexpected -

spot the similarities?

moody pooch.

"ouch the flash, the flash!"

uncanny resemblance to gaoster's late grandfather.

"yes i love my walks!"

she ain't moody all the time.
in fact, she's quite the charmer most of the time.
it's hard not to love her, even when she's the naughtiest.

animals in the mail.

i just checked my email and received these buncha really cool/cute photos from liz; with a note saying, "take it all in! have a nice week ahead."
thanks babe. i'm sure i will now! (:

what's the world without animals, seriously.


it ain't chainless when you've got friends.

circa 2008

you've shared with us and we've definitely supported you.
we will, for sure, continue to give you that support.
three cheers to the mahsip buds!


robe on, robe off; she's a graduate now.

robyn's officially a graduate now.


lemme indulge, lemme glee.

glee (gle) n.
1. great merriment {syn: hilarity};
2. malicious satisfaction {syn: gloat}

i absolutely cannot cannot cannot wait for Glee to premiere on channel ten on September 17th! i just wished it would premiere on the same time as that in the US (September 9th) but wells, i shall not complain for now.
when i caught the sneak peak of the pilot episode about a month ago, i fell in love with the show. it's yet another cheesy American high school tv drama but it's the bringing back of the musical aspect in teen television that just makes me tap my feet and hum along with the characters.
i'm expecting quite a bit from the show so i hope it doesn't disappoint me and that channel ten doesn't take it off air (so ratings better be good! people need to watch it!).

fitness progress -
bike: level 1, 15min
tread mill: distance 1.2km, 15min
swim laps: 42 x10m, 30min
i've improved! :)


fashion is a religion.

"A riveting and brilliant film that makes The Devil Wears Prada look like an episode of The Care Bears" - Daily Telegraph (UK)

every word above is true. The September Issue is indeed brilliant (kudos to director, RJ Cutler).
to be honest, i was not expecting much from this documentary film but Cutler proved me wrong with the way the stylistic and narrative elements were weaved together beautifully.
this cinematic following of Wintour was an eye opener but it's hard to feel for her cos even though she participates in the film, she doesn't exactly share much.
although the film's tagline says: "Anna Wintour and the making of Vogue", the story is, in my opinion, very much built around Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue US.
she is the one who captured my heart and seemed like the only one who is genuine and real. her story is heartwarming and i couldn't help but tear up with her in the scene where she stood alone, starring out at a magnificent garden in Paris and reminiscing on her past.
she definitely had, and still has, a long run in the fashion industry together with Anna.


are you boy enough not to cry?

guy mates always say i'm like one of them.
to them, i'm more a dude than a babe.
so naturally, the things they say or tell me are all in the name of fun; like what leonard did today while we were in the midst of lunch:

l: ehh i ask you. when you eat too much of this chilli powder, do you like shit out super painfully?
s: huh i don't eat that much of it.
l: wahpiang i tell you. i shat twice yesterday and they were damn hard and damn painful.

oh he doesn't stop there. he just went on and described his shit to me.
does putting up with such a conversation make me "one of them"?
ah wells, perhaps, perhaps.

but then again, gender expectations are pretty fluid nowadays.
just the other night, leonard passed me a link to a short film about a girl and her dog. he proclaimed that it's the best doggie film he's ever seen, at least that's in his opinion.
he also added that when i watch it, i'll "sniff sniff".

i don't know if it's cos i watched it from a film student's point of view that made me not enjoy the film. i reckon it's also cos i detached myself from the storyline as it frightens me to know how real that film is.
so no, i did not cry after watching it.
i guess there's always that boyness and girlness in everyone.


yeeha! it's a rodeo show here.

after what seems like the longest time, i finally met up with robyn today over lunch at Degraves St for some hot, warm Mediterranean meatball soup.
since the girl's gonna be graduating this Saturday, we sorta went on a hunt for a graduation outfit. took us the whole afternoon to finally, finally, find what i'd say the almost perfect dress.
the girl looked great in it and i will get a snap of her this weekend.

so while robs got herself a very well cut & classy looking grad dress, i got myself a dress too.

quite delighted with it and no harm getting myself acquainted with yet another Australian designer. this time, it's a lady from Sydney who goes by Lisa Thai with a rather quaint label name: Rodeo Show.
these are my favouritest designs from her Autumn/Winter '09 (i think?) collection.

rodeo show baby.

fitness progress -
bike: level 1, 20min
swim laps: 22 x10m
time: 30min


eyes opened, eyes closed.

credits: Yoshitomo Nara

the next two and a half months will probably feel like the worst.
my social life will and in fact, has gone down the drain as i move closer to conquering this last lap of university life.
this student life will definitely be missed; my sole responsibilities are placed just on delivering good results and making myself and my parents proud.
it frightens me to know that i'm still not on a comfortable track to completing my thesis but like Belinda has said, it ain't impossible.
so here's to reaching the finishing line!


swim it, sweat it, live it.

Sundays seem to have become a routine with gaoster.
we both wake late and then head out for half-priced sushi and Gloria Jeans coffee. we sit and chit chat about all things under the sun; which although may seem like a every day occurrence when you live together, it just ain't the same when you head out. it's pretty much a very lazy day.
but when we headed home today, he decided to hit the gym and i finally decide to join him and do some laps in the pool (for the very first time in my whole time living at 250E).
i don't know how some can swim non-stop for a good 10minutes cos just swimming for 20m and i'm dead beat. -_-" but i gotta say, it does feel good to start exercising again.
so gaoster and i have agreed to turn our Sundays into a less lazier day by finishing it up at the gym. hopefully, i'm on my way to burning off some of those stubborn fats and getting back into shape.

it'd be nice to be back in SICC now.

fitness progress -
swim laps: 20 x 10m


She decides, he models.

when liz left, she gave me one of her very own handpainted art piece.
avon and i always say that one day, she'll become a famous artist and that we're the first to own her pieces.
so now that i'm a proud owner of "She Decides", i've decided to do some publicity for my dear friend as well as give Bonsai (a very special monkey as given to by gaoster) his debut in the modeling world.

he's a natural, i must say ;)


loverly to be in heaven.

we watched Terrence Malick's Days of Heaven in class today.
to say that it's a beautiful film would be an understatement.
from the cinematography to the script to the characters' performance, it's just unbelievably brilliant and pure amazement.
of course, Richard Gere was a nice addition to the film's aesthetics.


ps. i won a pair of tickets to the exclusive advanced screening of The September Issue at the Palace Cinema at Toorak! always wanted to watch a film there and now i finally can.
ooo i absolutely can't wait!
much thanks to Sportsgirl.


we miss Mistress Wu.

the hybrid can bring you anywhere.

@ Stokers.

we bid farewell on pancakes & a little big scrap book.

and, not forgetting the chocolate milkshake.

"liz, Max Brenner LOVES you."
and so do we!
mah(jong) & (go)ssip buds.