ha ha halloween .

with Halloween around the corner, i've been getting quite a couple of emails on "what to wear for Halloween". Halloween always seems so fun yet scary at times (thanks to Hollywood movies) so i've always wanted to attend a Halloween party but just never seem to find the right friends and/or party. it's also not really a Singaporean/Chinese culture to celebrate Halloween. but over the last few years, Singapore has definitely picked it up and more and more people are getting into the mood.

so while i've been in Melbourne since 2007, it's been great fun seeing people dressing up as everything and anything during Halloween. needless to say, i'll only be 'watching' and not participating again this year. but if i could, i would love to go in this -


The Ivy Tunic Forest Nymph by The Bohemain Goddess at etsy.

it's truly a wearable art piece! i love it. and i can see where the designer got her influence from -


and did you know that there was actually a Tinkerbell movie released in 2008? i did not!

that dress beats this one HANDS DOWN.
image via zimbio.

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