peep toes and bare foot.

i got back from school today and was pleasantly surprised to see a huge box sitting at the corner of my room. i couldn't believe how fast the shoes that i had bought from shopbop.com had arrived!

opening parcels in the mail is always like opening presents during birthdays and Christmas. it's always exciting to me, and of course disappointing at times. today, it was of much excitement. i did a trigger happy dance in front of the mirror when the shoes fitted perfectly. now, i just can't wait for Melbourne's weather to 'cheer' up so that i can bring these babies out for a walk.

i saw this at Myer and fell in love with it immediately so when i saw this on sale at shopbop, i jumped right at it.

i love it that there's a crane imprinted on the shoe and the leather strap is pseudo snake skin.


  1. Oh my gosh! Those sandals are amazing!!!

  2. It's been chilly hasn't it? We had one warm day, then.....nothin'. Oh well, i'll be complaining about the heat before i know it!
    Awww, I love parcels..it's like getting a prezzie fo' shiz. Been a while since I've had that experience actually!

  3. TeacupGrunge: they are, aren't they! but they'll hafta sit in my wardrobe a pretty long while more.

    simitopian: yes it has! the weather definitely hasn't spared the AFL finals either. Melbourne needs to stop raining, at least! but yeah, shall not complain for now. hehe
    i think you've been sending out more parcels than receiving them lately aye. christmas is nearing! you'll get that experience soon. ;)