denim: love or hate?

when i first saw this Herve Leger dress, i had, and still have, pretty mixed feelings about it. the shape and cut is gorgeous and very flattering (thanks to the model as well), and i love the rugged look as well as the 'slice' at the shoulders/upper arms. but there's just something that doesn't seem to sit well with me. i reckon it's the material - denim.


as everyone knows, denim can either be a hit or miss, especially when it's made into other forms of apparel. so now, who can forget the horrendous matching outfits of Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake at the 2001 American Music Awards?!

image via galleryworld

what were they thinking?! i know love can be blind but.. surely they could have gotten better stylists? ah wells, i sure hope they've got better stylists now.
side note: still wish they'd get back together one day. they're so cute as a couple albeit the awful matching outfits.


  1. i wish they got back together too!!!

    denim has it good and bad days i guess.

  2. The dress does have an amazing cut, thats for sure! But for some reason I think denim in any other form than jeans or a nice denim skirt/jacket can look tacky.

  3. reka, we can only wish! yeah it definitely does aye. just gotta be real careful what you wear with it i reckon.

    TeacupGrunge, kinda agree with you as well. oh but not forgetting denim shorts! they're the best thing during summer.

  4. Britney & JT's outfits - the horror!!
    Thirding what's been said about denim, although I might add that i'm liking the cropped, light wash denim jackets i've been seing around lately too.

    Bisous xx