blogshop till you drop.

over the past three years, there's been a crazy spurt of blogshops in the Singapore online sphere. there's the thumbs up and down about this. it's a good thing because shoppers back home can get the exact apparel at a much cheaper price online than at the retail shops. furthermore, you get to shop in the comfort of your home. but with every online purchase, especially that of apparel and shoes, there's the down side of it not fitting. and what's more, there's the worrying part of postage - the parcel getting lost and postage prices.

the biggest downside for my sister's blogshop, on the other hand, is the competition. as compared to others who've been around a lot longer, (and thus having accumulated a faithful following even though some have pretty ridiculous prices,) my sister's blogshop is still a greenhorn in this 'industry'. but with what she's been bringing in, i'm pretty sure she'll be doing well with it some day soonish enough. (:

so if you're in Singapore, please visit and spread the word around! if you're in Australia or anywhere else in the world, please still do visit my sister's blogshop and if you're interested, shipping costs can be worked out accordingly (:

ps. me is proud of you, mei! woot woots.


  1. If I had the legs for it, the first and 3rd dresses would be mine!!!
    Gosh yes,there is SO much competition when it comes to online shops...and some of the prices- tell me about it! I wish your sis the best of luck though- with competitive prices and quality merch it won't be long before she's up to her eyeballs in customers!

  2. those dresses are mighty short! haha. aww thanks for your well wishes! i'll convey them and i'm sure she appreciates them much. :):)