gem string party: make a statement.

there's an unequivocal trend in the fashion world right now - it's all about making a statement with your shoes and necklaces; not quite literally, but some shoes really say something to me. like these three pairs from Wittner:

Very Lady
the shoe befits this name. the green 'gems' and panel have a Grecian touch to it that comes off quite ladylike.
i absolutely love this pair! love how there's a lace up effect going on here.

the colour won't explain why it's called Vermouth - an aromatised white wine in which herbs, roots, barks, bitters and other flavourings are steeped - but rather, it's those 'gems' that embody the various elements of the Vermouth that probably explains the name better.
i love the colour and that 'bridge' connecting the heel and the sole.

the name for this one doesn't really make sense to me. but it doesn't really matter, does it?
i love the faux snake skin to the 'gems' and even to the strings.

i've been dying to own this pair but when i finally tried it on yesterday (because they finally went on sale!), it just didn't fit. my feet's too slender in the front that when i walked in this, they just kept sliding out. :(

so, to cheer myself up, i decided to settle for this one:

Sportsgirl Rose Gladiator
perfect for the hot hot heat in Melbourne!


back in style.

it's been a nice break from blogland but boy have i missed it. there were so many times when i was just so tempted to log back on and type away but i managed to control myself. so while i shouldn't be on blogland, i was however, thinking about what could potentially be blogged about when i came back.

following suit to many other very stylish and fashionable bloggers out there, i will try to take photos of my outfits and post them up here regularly. i also thought of an experiment that might be fun to take on: i intend to dress in leggings for one whole week and document it here! so, if you're interested, do stick around. :)

wearing: Mango jeans, Topshop basic tee with Nique racerback top, Topshop blazer, Chanel canvas jumbo (which i never know how to capture in photos), Wittner pumps.

EDIT: cos i didn't manage to capture my Chanel (which i've named Stella. i know, how weird right? you're probably thinking, who names their bags?! hah, i do but only with my Chanels.) in the photo, i decided to take a photo of it separately. it's so much easier that way for some reason.

Canvas jumbo from S/S 2001 if i'm not wrong.

hiatus no more. :)

hello goodbye, goodbye.

a friend once said to me, "our theses are like babies. we carry them for nine months and then we give birth to it at the end of the term."

indeed. for nine months, all i could (and should) be thinking about was how i would nurture this 'baby' growing inside me. i fed it slowly, i talked to it in my mind, i planned its future on paper, i gathered as much information as i could to make sure my baby would become the best. but sometimes, i also just wanted to chuck it away. i didn't understand what was the whole point in nurturing this baby. i kept asking myself, is this really what you want to be doing? what is the whole point in feeding it what you're feeding? is that the best you can give? i've stressed myself out too much; i really wanted the best for my baby. will i reap what i sow?

it has indeed been a long and treacherous term, at times chokingly unbearable. if i had known it would be like this, would i still put myself through this?

another friend asked, "do you regret doing Honours? or is that whole experience wonderful?"
i said i don't but if i could, i would change my thesis topic and i would want another supervisor. and to my own question, yes i would still have gone through with this ridiculously mind-boggling period because giving birth is a feeling that's quite "wonderful", quite indescribable, quite out of the world, yet also quite painful.

i've given it what i could. now, its future lies in the hands of two strange persons. i can only hope for the best.



image via squidsicle

with all the writing that has to be completed in the next three and a half weeks, i need to pull myself away from here. i need less distraction and more concentration. so i'll be back in November!
and 'til then, stay good amigos! ;)


eyelets, mirrors and gems.

lately, there's been quite a rave going round the fashion community about Christopher Kane for Topshop's collection. i didn't quite understand it at first when i saw a photo of one of his designs on a blog. i mean, do we (girls) really need a large monstrous mouth positioned right at our hoo-hoos? i know this is fashion and we shouldn't take it too seriously but there's definitely a Freudian thing going on here.


upon seeing that, i sorta dismissed his design(s) but i knew i should at least check out the rest of his collection. oh it was love from there onwards. the eyelets, mirrors, gems, and sequins on dresses, leggings, tees, shirts, bodysuits, shoes, scarfs... *swoons* i've officially joined the CK rave community (i make it sound like it's some crazy ass clubbing event huh)!

Embellished Bodysuit
this will be my "congrats on completing your thesis" gift to myself!

Gem Shirt

Gem Corset

Gem Teeshirt Dress

Mirror Strappy Dress

Embellished Leggings
just 'cos i needed to add some colours here!
personally, i don't fancy the "flouro lime" colour but love the eyelets and mirrors on it.

The Man

Kane must have an animalistic fantasy of human beings being 'mauled' by fierce gaping mouths. perhaps a reflection of the fashion world? hmm, that's a thought.
 image via alothmanblog.


seriously, why?

do you ever look at some of the stuff that comes out from the fashion world and wonder, what in the name of god is that designer thinking?! who designs such a thing? but that's the thing with fashion and design innit? you can't always love and/or hate what you see. besides, as long as a design provokes any kind of reaction, it would be a good thing; because at least someone paid some attention.

i know everyone's entitled to their own opinions and thus, so am i. for me, designs such as these should go away, far far away, and stay as far away as possible and never ever be seen on anyone (unless that someone is able to don these designs in such an incredibly stylish way, perhaps i'll change my mind about them).

Forever Rock Cashmere Sweater by 291.
big, tacky words on the front or back of tops, bottoms and jackets. at least this one, the words are spelt correctly; i see waaayyy too many with wrong spelling, wrong phrasing, and wrong grammar. *shudders*

Life Aquatic Skirt by Erin Wasson X RVCA.
where should i begin.. the name given to the skirt or the fact that there's a 'fin' sewed to the middle of the skirt which incidentally, is positioned at the middle of one's butt?!

Wake Bike Short by Leyendecker.
i hope this one was made and designed only for the purpose its name calls for. because if anyone thinks this should be worn out to the mall or anywhere other than the gym and for sporting activities, i'm honestly speechless. these are way worse than 3/4 leggings. seriously.

Soulless Leather Shorts by Erin Wasson X RVCA.
my only issue with this pair of shorts is its length (might as well be a pair of knickers), its material (leather used for such mini shorts? i'm not saying it out but go figure), and its 'lace-up' style at the side (now this is truly lingerie-ish). ok i guess that was three issues. you get my point.

i know i was harsh on those designs but i really just can't fathom the ideas and intentions behind them. i won't do my head in with figuring those out because at the end of the day, it's simple, classy yet with a slight twist dresses such as this little one that sticks around for long.

Puff Sleeve Dress by Alice + Olivia.

*all images via shopbop.com


hello it's c u t e again.

"Stand out from the crowd and give your earphones a makeover."
that's iBingz's - an Australian earphones 'accessory' store - marketing line. i must say, i'm totally buying it. see for yourself.

those lips... that strawberry... ooh and that ladybug! so many choices, but only one set of earphones.

tacky much? or cute much?
definitely the latter for me!