let's play in high end style.

as some of you might know, i like playing tennis and love watching tennis matches (especially those with Roger Federer, Andy Roddick and Andy Murray). so when i was flipping through Vogue October, i saw a C H A N E L tennis racquet being featured and was immediately trippin' with excitement.

now seriously, who wouldn't like to own one of this?!

for some reason, after seeing this, i took my pretty banged-up Babolat out and gave it a 'Chanel' makeover. i was imagining it to be a 'model' and was literally styling it. i even added some earrings but decided to take them off. now i look at the picture and can't help but laugh at myself.

"Hello, I'm Miss Babolat Chanel."

and of course, who else 'plays' tennis with more high end style than Andre Leon Talley? NO ONE.


  1. I like anybody who can think "y'know, my tennis rackets are looking a bit pedestrian. I wonder how they'd look glammed up?" And then act upon that thought. And then document the experience with photos. :D I might try that on some random household equipment (I'm too lazy to owm sports equipment).
    omg, Andre Leon Talley. He keeps his waterbottles in an Yves saint Laurent bag?!!! That's gold :)

  2. haha thanks! we all need some glamour in our lives. :-D Andre's gold himself! LV towels and what not. hahah. gotta love that man.