Spartans vs. Spot.

when i first saw Therese Rawsthorne's Spot leggings, i thought, "that looks very very familiar to something that i already have." if you guessed it, yes, it's James Lillis' fantabulous Black Spartans.

Therese Rawsthorne's MELT spot leggings


James Lillis' Black Spartans


while there isn't really THAT much of a difference between TR and James' design (the placement of the contrasting fabric at the lower thigh/knee cap area), there is ONE thing that sets them both apart in a big way.

SPOTS. now, why would you use spots on leggings? if the leggings aren't sheer, perhaps it wouldn't be so irky cos it just looks like the spots are blending in with your skin! i couldn't help but feel a slight itch (like a rash) when i saw the Spot leggings.

so i emailed James and showed him the design. he too, agrees with me that it is kinda weird (and funny) and "spots aren't the go". at least now i know James wouldn't be making that same mistake with his collection! phew.

If you're interested -

Silver & Gold spartans via James' label: Black Milk

needless to say, Spartans wins the day!


  1. hello there! Thanks for being my new blogfriend >.< Yay! Another melbournite I see! Well, part time anyway :)
    Oooh those Black Milk leggings shit all over the spotty ones. (pardon my language! I do swear too much...) I agree- the spots on sheer don't do it for me. Actually sheer leggings don't do it for me FULL STOP. The shiny/metallics have a kind of futuristic jedi warrior princess vibe going on. I like!

  2. the spots looks like meiji's tummy now. :(

  3. I really love these, and i agree, they do look better minus the spots. The ones you're wearing with the contrasting textures of black are amazing! x Sushi

  4. simitopian: thanks for being my FIRST blogfriend! haha. melbournites unite! ooo that rhymed. haha yeah the shiny ones do have all that going on. fun stuff.

    robyn: hope meiji's better and that those spots are gone!! if not, eeeee.

    Sushi: i know ! the black ones are awesome aye