little pleasures in life.

for so long, i'd go past a quaint little cafe called Mart130 while on the way to St Kilda. never once, i'd look out of the tram to notice it. so when my sister came down to visit in july, i'm glad i took the extra effort to look for nice places to go to for brekkies/brunch. needless to say (now), Mart130 came up in the google search.

it's funny how i don't make an effort to discover more of such places without a reason, such as the sister visiting. the nooks and crannies of Melbourne have yet to be discovered and whats more, i feel like i'm running out of time. yet, i just can't seem to find the time in my busy schedule at the moment to indulge myself in these little pleasures in life. so for now, all i can do is look back at the places and good food that i did enjoy.


if i remember them correctly... (clockwise from top left) Spinach, mushrooms and eggs; Spanish chorizos and eggs; Salmon, avocado and eggs; Bacon strips on french toast.

Mart130 used to be an old station master's building.

must look out of trams more often!

can't wait to go back there again, soon...

Mart130 (tram stop 130) -
107A Canterbury Road, Middle Park, Victoria.
Getting there:
Tram No. 96, towards St Kilda


  1. Oh I love you Tights! That colour is amazing.

    Looking at the breakfast pics reminded me of eating delicious breakfasts at some of the cafes in degraves lane. Melbourne is so good for dining out :)

  2. aww thanks! yeah melbourne really is aye. all the good food makes you wanna try just about everything.

  3. Hey! I left a comment here ages ago, but it's not here! D'oh! Basically i just said what a cool idea for a cafe this is :) there are so many hidden treats I'm yet to discover in melbourne!

  4. haha technology gets cranky at times aye. yeah it is! you should go there sometime. :)