swim it, sweat it, live it.

Sundays seem to have become a routine with gaoster.
we both wake late and then head out for half-priced sushi and Gloria Jeans coffee. we sit and chit chat about all things under the sun; which although may seem like a every day occurrence when you live together, it just ain't the same when you head out. it's pretty much a very lazy day.
but when we headed home today, he decided to hit the gym and i finally decide to join him and do some laps in the pool (for the very first time in my whole time living at 250E).
i don't know how some can swim non-stop for a good 10minutes cos just swimming for 20m and i'm dead beat. -_-" but i gotta say, it does feel good to start exercising again.
so gaoster and i have agreed to turn our Sundays into a less lazier day by finishing it up at the gym. hopefully, i'm on my way to burning off some of those stubborn fats and getting back into shape.

it'd be nice to be back in SICC now.

fitness progress -
swim laps: 20 x 10m

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