yeeha! it's a rodeo show here.

after what seems like the longest time, i finally met up with robyn today over lunch at Degraves St for some hot, warm Mediterranean meatball soup.
since the girl's gonna be graduating this Saturday, we sorta went on a hunt for a graduation outfit. took us the whole afternoon to finally, finally, find what i'd say the almost perfect dress.
the girl looked great in it and i will get a snap of her this weekend.

so while robs got herself a very well cut & classy looking grad dress, i got myself a dress too.

quite delighted with it and no harm getting myself acquainted with yet another Australian designer. this time, it's a lady from Sydney who goes by Lisa Thai with a rather quaint label name: Rodeo Show.
these are my favouritest designs from her Autumn/Winter '09 (i think?) collection.

rodeo show baby.

fitness progress -
bike: level 1, 20min
swim laps: 22 x10m
time: 30min

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