it ain't chainless when you've got friends.

circa 2008

you've shared with us and we've definitely supported you.
we will, for sure, continue to give you that support.
three cheers to the mahsip buds!


  1. HAHAHA! I bet you won't wear this top here anymore. I can't believe your fashion used to be so pastel colour... heeeheee. Now you so haute couture and go for dark tones, so radically different.

  2. hahahahaha! you're wrong! i actually wore it at the beginning of this year. come to think of it, that top damn fugs loh. tt's why i've sold it liao. hua hua hua.

    aiya i go with the season. hehe. come summer, my pastel colour clothing will be out again! i think...

  3. I just spotted this! Thanks, mahsip buds? Hahaha

  4. hahaha i couldn't think of anything else but mahjong and gossip buds. hahaha