are you boy enough not to cry?

guy mates always say i'm like one of them.
to them, i'm more a dude than a babe.
so naturally, the things they say or tell me are all in the name of fun; like what leonard did today while we were in the midst of lunch:

l: ehh i ask you. when you eat too much of this chilli powder, do you like shit out super painfully?
s: huh i don't eat that much of it.
l: wahpiang i tell you. i shat twice yesterday and they were damn hard and damn painful.

oh he doesn't stop there. he just went on and described his shit to me.
does putting up with such a conversation make me "one of them"?
ah wells, perhaps, perhaps.

but then again, gender expectations are pretty fluid nowadays.
just the other night, leonard passed me a link to a short film about a girl and her dog. he proclaimed that it's the best doggie film he's ever seen, at least that's in his opinion.
he also added that when i watch it, i'll "sniff sniff".

i don't know if it's cos i watched it from a film student's point of view that made me not enjoy the film. i reckon it's also cos i detached myself from the storyline as it frightens me to know how real that film is.
so no, i did not cry after watching it.
i guess there's always that boyness and girlness in everyone.

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