lemme indulge, lemme glee.

glee (gle) n.
1. great merriment {syn: hilarity};
2. malicious satisfaction {syn: gloat}

i absolutely cannot cannot cannot wait for Glee to premiere on channel ten on September 17th! i just wished it would premiere on the same time as that in the US (September 9th) but wells, i shall not complain for now.
when i caught the sneak peak of the pilot episode about a month ago, i fell in love with the show. it's yet another cheesy American high school tv drama but it's the bringing back of the musical aspect in teen television that just makes me tap my feet and hum along with the characters.
i'm expecting quite a bit from the show so i hope it doesn't disappoint me and that channel ten doesn't take it off air (so ratings better be good! people need to watch it!).

fitness progress -
bike: level 1, 15min
tread mill: distance 1.2km, 15min
swim laps: 42 x10m, 30min
i've improved! :)

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