fashion is a religion.

"A riveting and brilliant film that makes The Devil Wears Prada look like an episode of The Care Bears" - Daily Telegraph (UK)

every word above is true. The September Issue is indeed brilliant (kudos to director, RJ Cutler).
to be honest, i was not expecting much from this documentary film but Cutler proved me wrong with the way the stylistic and narrative elements were weaved together beautifully.
this cinematic following of Wintour was an eye opener but it's hard to feel for her cos even though she participates in the film, she doesn't exactly share much.
although the film's tagline says: "Anna Wintour and the making of Vogue", the story is, in my opinion, very much built around Grace Coddington, creative director of Vogue US.
she is the one who captured my heart and seemed like the only one who is genuine and real. her story is heartwarming and i couldn't help but tear up with her in the scene where she stood alone, starring out at a magnificent garden in Paris and reminiscing on her past.
she definitely had, and still has, a long run in the fashion industry together with Anna.


  1. I've always wondered why Grace Coddington is always in the shadow of Anna. I think she is as important as her and personally I feel she has more depth as an individual. I always look forward to her thoughts whenever I read style.com. Alas, I maybe bias seeing how I have a strange liking towards ginger heads ;)Hahahah, now I need to find a link to watch it online.

  2. i guess cos Grace doesn't really care much about appearance (her massive hair! gao says when she turns her back, she looks like a lion. hahah). it is the fashion world afterall so perhaps tts why Anna's at the front.

    haha yes please go catch the film! you will fall in love even more with grace. haha

  3. Plus, Grace has much better taste in photography! Now we know why all Vogue shoots look the same.

  4. yes she does! it's quite hard to find fault with her shoots and i especially loved the 20s shoot in the September issue. fantastic stuff

  5. i quite liked this movie too, and yes, i totally agree, Grace stole the show - she was simply charming. I saw Valentino last night too, it was amazing! definately worth the watch :)

    ps - thanks for your comments!