hoot, hoot, not!

before liz left about a month ago, she passed me a bag of hangers, a delicate laundry bag and a surprise gift (which i initially thought was something she accidentally popped into the bag).
i'm a fan of the colour red and especially leggings so when she got me a pair of red hot leggings with funky patterns, i was just too delighted!

it was quite tricky putting this on.

i finally decided to wear them out today and not to my surprise, got quite a lot of stares; i even had an old man smile to me when i stood up to leave the train! (that creeped me out a little bit.)
as any normal girl, i started to wonder, do i look horrendously shiteous in this outfit? are people staring cos they think the leggings are weird/ugly/awful? or is it cos it's cool and funky?
it definitely didn't help that when i met gaoster at Myer after class, he said, "you look like a Hooter's waitress."
i fully object to what he said cos i don't think i did! maybe the whole ensemble wasn't the most flattering and suitable with that leggings but i don't think it was of a Hooter's level..... is it?

EDIT: gaoster says it's the boots and the high waisted shorts that made me look like one. (oh yes, and just in case i've made him out to be such a horrid person, he has said to me, "i'm sorry! i take back my words!!")


whatever it is, i still think they're an amazing pair of leggings.
thanks, liz. (:


  1. Hmmm I think it's the shorts lah, it's a bit too daring for those who can't take the sight of massive redness in lacy design! But you look nice... not very vampish...

  2. eh sze!! didn't know you shifted, till i log onto my livejournal (after a zillion years).. hahaha! i think is the boots..maybe if you wear pumps, it will look better with the red leggings. can show off your long legs also what. very hot and sexyyyy.. HAHAHA :)

  3. haha i sent an email to you girls! guess you didn't see it!

    i actually tried it on with pumps first but cos the weather forecast said it was gonna rain that day, i decided to put on the boots! darn. next time i'll wear it with pumps. sizzle hot hot sexaayyy you say? hahaha!

  4. no leh... no email to me :(

  5. have lays babe. i checked the email again and your addy was in it! haha. it's ok. now you know! :)))