eavesdropping is good fun.

Girl 1: "Can lesbians get pregnant?"
Girl 2: "No, only gay girls can."

Girl 1: "We're going on our first date."
Girl 2: "Really?"
Girl 1: "Yeah, we've been shagging for five months, but it's still our first date."

Girl: "I'm on a new diet. I can eat only green food."
Friend: "There's carrot in your sandwich."

Boy1: "What is a hotdog?"
Boy2: "it's basically sausage rolled in a bread."
Boy1: "What? No meat?"

Woman 1: "I was eating an M&M the other day."
Woman 2: "What, the rapper?"

Girl 1: "That fat woman in front is looking at us like she wants to eat us."
Girl 2: "I wonder what we would taste like."
Girl 1: "probably chocolate. We are wearing chocolate deodorant."

credits: mX Overhead, August 25th, 2009.

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