good times, good food .

twas my last Sunday in Melbourne so i made every effort to get up early for Camberwell Market this morning. waking up on time was helped a little by the sun that was shining so hard into the bedroom that the room started to feel like a sauna. and here i was thinking, aww aren't you nice Melbourne, treating me with such wondrous weather before i leave you. BAAHH!


i found it hilariously amusing (and maybe slightly mean) to see my sister holding that expression throughout our whole time there. the heat was getting to her bad and i quote, "my thighs are gonna get an abrasion." she now knows NOT to wear her faux leather skirt on a blimey hot day.

after sticking around till the closing of the market (and getting ourselves some bargains which i'll try to post another entry on), we made our way to Miss Marples @ Mount Dandenong for lunch and scones. of all the scones i've had, Miss Marples has the best and i'll definitely miss it when i'm back in Singapore. but hey, that just means i've more stuff to look forward to when i do visit Melbourne again!


not so grumpy now aye?


with most of my clothes packed away, i've been finding some difficulty putting together a nice outfit whenever i head out. amidst this vanity trap, i've come to realise how lucky i am to have all the material things that i have and it's all thanks to the parents. i often wonder when one day i have a family myself, will i be able to provide for my kids as well as my parents are doing for me and my sister? but i shan't bore you with this self questions so this is what i wore today:


wearing: sister's Topshop cropped top (which i bought for her and wish i could keep for myself!), factorie denim skirt, Havaianas slippers, Sportsgirl bag.

ps. i'm coming home in 6 days' time, girls! (:

pps. and Roger Federer for the Australian Open 2010 win indeed!!! (:


  1. I think about that same question (will I be able to provide the same material things for my future kids)...but I am also quite firm that I want to be able to communicate with my children. With my mum, I can't tell her anything. I tried calling her and crying to her about my mental breakdown the other day about all the stress, she told me to grow up. She said that she could never used to tell her parents stuff like that as well and they would call her a silly girl. Well, I didn't grow up in the 1960s so I don't expect to be treated that way.

    On a more cheery note, you look lovely! I love the denim skirt! Enjoy the last week in Melbourne. :)

  2. great photos, beautiful outfit.

    love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  3. damn i miss scones @ miss marples! not to mention taking the early train to camberwell and those winding drives up Mt Dandenong :) good memories that I will cherish szela! looking goood too eh heh

  4. Tea and scones! I love it when they come with pottles of cream & jam, buttering them up is half the fun.

    I am so grateful for all the things I own too. I feel so bad when I can't figure out what to wear...


  5. The hot weather is stifling! I'm really looking forward to autumn i can tell you! Ah, it's always a bit cooler up in the mountains though isn't it? I've always wanted to go to Miss Marples! Tea and scones....mmmmmmmm :)
    Aww, I'm sure that when you do have kiddies you'll be able to provide them with the most important thing of all: LOVE! I have a kid, and I sometimes worry about the future too...but I keep reminding myself that love is the most important thing I can give to my daughter :)
    Bowsnhearts comment made me sad :(

  6. I love that top!! so cheerful!
    i think i have to get myself down to miss marples for those scones.
    looks so good!

    i hope that my partner and i can provide well for my kids.
    ive thought about it before. how to provide and treat them without them becoming spoilt or bratty. it will be tough! because you want to give them everything but u have to teach them the value of a dollar also.
    difficult thing to do.

  7. bowsnhearts: i'm sorry to hear about your relationship with your mom. i wish it could be better for you though.. it's hard for old folks to have a different mindset and it's even harder for them to change at this point now so i guess the best is to just accept them as they are. i don't think it's right for your mom to just shove you aside when you need her the most but i'm sure you're a strong girl and you've got many people out there who'll 'listen' to you.
    ps. thanks girl! i'm trying to make as much out of my last week here as i can (:

    Audrey Allure: thanks sweetie (:

    eugenes: oh yes those early trains! am so glad we had yiwen's car for the last coupla months or we wouldn't have ventured to so many places. i actually had fun driving up those winding roads. haha. aww why thank you love (:

    Joanne Faith: i love the jam! sadly i can't take the cream cos i'm lactose intolerant. ): but still, like you said, buttering them up is fun and eating them is the best! (:
    yeah when i can't figure out what to wear, i just start to think, "really?"

    dollyasylum: i was hoping that it'd be cooler up in the Dandenongs but it was blimey hot too. my car's a/c refused to work and when we got to Miss Marple's, we were hoping for some coolness in there but nooooo, it was still hot ): you really should go there some day girl! it's some good stuff there man. ps. avoid the weekends cos it's always so darn packed!
    yeah LOVE is the most important thing aye? you just gotta keep reminding yourself that and hope that your kids will know and appreciate what you give them. man, i bet having a kid is TOUGH! i'm sure you're doing a good job (:

    Cotton Socks: aww thanks! (: although it's quite a drive to Miss Marples, it'll be a worthwhile trip there!
    i totally agree with you. providing well for them is one thing but it's also so important to ensure that you don't turn them into spoilt brats (that i see too darn often these days. what's happening to the new generation?!) and teaching them the right values. being a parent seems like the hardest full-time 'job'!

  8. You look gorgeous! Adore you outfit - especially that gorgeous skirt as well as the Camberwell markets!

    Safe travels darling :)

  9. You have a great blog!
    Best of luck! ;)

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    x Valentine

  10. Wow, I love your top - the 2 contrasting patterns look awesome! Camberwell markets is so much fun, but not so much fun when its hot - I can understand your sister's expression, even though I'm not really into faux leather skirts! Oooo Miss Marple's tea house has the most amazing scones, theyre YUMMY! Have you tried the sundae from there? It's delicious!
    Can't wait to read more!

  11. MMMMM. Your scone lunch looks delicious!! I wish I could step into your photos. The weather here has been so dreadful lately that I miss wearing miniskirts!!

  12. Oh gosh, a leather skirt in hot weather sounds miserable! And that food looks freakin' good. :)

  13. Heii.. Love your blouse! hahaha,maybe you should keep it for yourself, if ur sis doesn't mind. xD
    ANd yes.. I must thank to my parents who give me everything i have now. Btw, I have linked your blog if you don't mind. ^^