it's not about world peace people .

// warning: incoherent rant about to begin. //

location: shopping mall

scenario: sister and i are walking then we slow down while trying to decide whether to go left or right. i turn left, sister turns right; we aren't sure so we stammer for quite a while. after a couple of seconds of taking slow, uncertain steps, we decide to go left. then i see two girls, who were behind us all this while, stomp pass us and one makes a really loud "TSK" while the other one doesn't hold back with a "F*CK".

problem: really? is that necessary? i'll admit that i get irritated at times with people who walk really slowly, who can't decide which direction to go and who stand in my way. i'll even admit that i do let out a "tsk" once in a while when i'm really irritated under such circumstances. i'll also admit that i swear when i'm pissed off - i know it's a bad habit.

BUT to swear at someone who was walking slowly is, in my opinion, very uncalled for, rude and plain crude. it's not like it's a narrow corridor and there just isn't any space left for one to take a slight 'detour'. it's like driving - if you're in a hurry, then go ahead and overtake, but do it nicely. i suppose those girls were like some drivers who would flash their high beam lights or honk just cos they felt like they should.

i know it might have been slightly inconsiderate for my sister and i to have been walking slowly and uncertainly but is it wrong to not have eyes on the back of our heads and not have seen those girls behind us? was it wrong to take a slow walk so as to idle time? is it wrong to not wanna be in a rat race at all times?

it infuriates me to know that there are such rude and unreasonable people out there. people always advocate world peace and all that jazz. call me crazy but whatever happened to being c o u r t e o u s first people?


  1. There are always people like that. I find it really crass when people swear like that. Unfortunately, in Melbourne, I do see a lot of 14/15 years old swearing like that A LOT! Every of their sentence contains at least 2 F words. I understand swearing when you are stressed out but not using it constantly.

    Don't worry about those people. They will grow out of it eventually.

  2. idiots everywhere you turn!

  3. Oh I hear ya! People just need to get over themselves and realise that the world doesn't revolve around them, and that sometimes people may be walking slowly for a REASON! If they so urgently need to get where they are going a whole 3.5 seconds faster, then all they have to do is say "excuse me," and get past! Grrr.
    When people are rude like that to me in public, I just go slower to piss them off more. If they want co-operation, they can use their manners.

    hehe, as for the swearing, I swear ALL the time! Ooops. But I don't direct it at people on the street :S That's just uncalled for.

    My pet hate is when my baby daughter starts crying, and people just STARE, as if I've done something horrible to her or something! So damn RUDE! Babies and toddlers CRY. It's what they do! And they don't come with volume control!

  4. bowsnhearts: yeah i can understand if they're swearing cos they're young and they wanna be like their peers or something but damn, these two girls didn't look like they were much younger than i am. anyhoos, it's their downfall to behave that way.

    eugenes: everywhere innit? tsk tsk!

    dollyasylum: people like them should get over themselves aye? LOL if i knew they were behind, i would have done exactly what you would do too - slow down even more just to piss them off!

    oh yes i know you do! i swear at least once a day. when i'm talking and i get excited, frustrated or whatever, somehow the F word comes out. my mom absolutely HATES it.

    now that's just rude to stare at you! next time someone stares at you, you should totally look at your kid and say out loudly, "aww it's alright baby, just cry it all out!" that's what grown-ups say to each other when they're upset or troubled anyways. =D