my last month in Melbourne .

time flies; it's unbelievable. just a few days back, i was celebrating new year's eve with the sis and boy and then today, i was sending the boy off at the airport. it's still very strange without gaoster around but i'll just have to get used to it, at least for now.

so here i am, with only a month left in Melbourne, wondering where else i would want to go and what else i would want to eat and shop for. indulging in pleasures aside, it's also going to be a busy month of packing two and a half years of accumulated personal belongings while getting rid of furniture in the apartment. it'll also be a tiring month helping the sis to look for an apartment and then move into it. guess that'll be my month in a nutshell.

anyhoos, these photos were taken sometime early this week at Docklands with my lousy but much more sleek Canon Ixus camera (as compared to my sister's Canon EOS D40 but boy do i love that cam). feel free to judge but i'm gonna admit that i've been re-wearing this outfit for almost three days because 1. half of my wardrobe is already back at home 2. so i'm too lazy to work with minimal choices of apparel 3. my outfit's super comfy.




wearing: MNG cuff pants, Dotti singlet under grey top from Singapore, sister's blazer from Singapore, Chanel jumbo bag, Wittner pumps, Casio Data Bank watch, Ray Bans Aviator.


  1. Don't go!!!!

    I am having so much trouble with my PR application right now. Mainly because the Aussie Post strike in late December delayed my CPAA assessment application. My lawyer posted it like almost a month ago. I think it might have gone missing. Arg!!! I am thinking I may even have to go back for a while as my student visa may run out.

    I am breaking out everywhere on my face at the moment because of the PR issues and the job hunting.

    Anyway, you are so creative with your outfits! I wish you can stay and be my shopping partner! Lol!

  2. If I had created an outfit as awesome as that one, I'd be wearing it every day too :D
    I hope you really enjoy your last few days in Melbourne - I am going to 'miss' you being here, a fellow Australian-resident blogger, but must say I am really looking forward to seeing your posts from Singapore. I adored my time in Singapore, I think it is such a gorgeous place! x

  3. you ve been visited by the lingering presence in the background of your photos! super comfy outfits rule, i can wear mine for weeksss... ok stopping now. talk to you soon!

  4. Love this outfit.
    Very chic but comfortable looking- looks really effortless.

  5. love your outfit! nice colour palette
    hope you enjoyed melbourne :)


  6. Oh wow- time DOES fly! I remember you mentioning a while back that you were heading back to singapore soon, but i didn't realise HOW soon!
    Aw man, it looks like busy times ahead!
    hey, at least you manage to still look stylish with the clothes you still have with you!
    I hope you've enjoyed your time here in melbs- hopefully you can come back to visit sometime :)
    I hope everything goes smoothly with your sis's move, and that you're not feeling too sad being apart from your boy *hugs*

  7. time flies! new years eve is allready 11 days ago, i still have to get used to writing 2010 on everything. love your trousers

  8. bowsnhearts: damn sucks to hear that the application is not going smoothly. have you thought about getting a bridging visa?
    haha thanks girl i wish i could stay too (:

    KittyCate: LOL thanks. now i don't feel so guilty for being so lazy with changing my clothes. hmm.. now i just sound like a dirty person.
    i'm definitely gonna miss being in Australia and i'm glad i'll still have your blog and the other girls' blogs to turn to for my Aussie fix. hehe. (:

    eugenes: oh i'm sure you'll be wearing yours for weeks!

    marloperry: thanks (:

    Amie: thanks! yes i've enjoyed Melbourne very much (:

    dollyasylum: it does, doesn't it?! now i wish i had 36hrs in a day!
    aww thanks sweetie. it was a strategic move too - i sent the not-so-stylish clothing home first. (;
    i've really enjoyed my time in melb and i'm gonna miss it heaps! i'm dreading the move and thanks so much for the internet hug! much needed (:

    Ivania: so am i! it's always the first month that takes some getting used to.