plans hardly ever work for me .

this week has been nothing but packing and moving and then more packing and moving again. it doesn't end today but it was a much needed break for my sis and i to just chill out for the day. the plan was to get up early and head to Queen Victoria Market to get our grocery done, then head to the Arts Centre Sunday Market to get some new pet bowls for my dog, Sushee, and finally to Chapel St to pop into American Apparel.

but did the plan stick through? BIG NO. because instead of waking up at 9am, we only woke up at 1pm. damn that snooze option on my mobile phone! so no fresh food in the fridge and no new AA tees in the wardrobe but at least i managed to get two new hand-painted bowls from the Arts Market for Sushee.


one of the many things to look forward to when i get home is seeing my beautiful dog every single day. i can't wait to be able to hug and squeeze her in my arms again, to bring her on her walks and to enjoy her company all over again. *cue: awww!

wearing: Topshop tee, sister's blazer, MNG cuff pants, Wittner pumps, vintage Chanel jumbo, Ray Ban aviators. 

i recycled an outfit from here today and couldn't resist taking a photo against this huge ass warehouse door. don't you just love the colour? now, more warehouses and factories should follow suit and add colours to their doors too.

ps. i can't wait for tomorrow because i'm off to the Australian Open to watch my favourite player, Roger Federer, live in action! it will be a w e s o m e .


  1. Packing is a very stressful job! I had to pack like so many times throughout my 6 years in Melbourne that I am getting quite pro at it..haha!

    I love it like how you plan out so many activities in one day. I can only go to one place before I am all tired. Getting old!!

    I love your casual outfit...very grown up casual!

    Enjoy the tennis!

  2. Awww Sushee is the most adorable name for a dog!

    Love the blazer :)

  3. Hey darling am so sorry I took so long to reply to your lovely comment L.A. is so cold and rainy I just want to be in bed sometimes hahah! for my Polaroid shoot I have some real Polaroid’s and other i go on-line and mess with the feature of “Cross Process” and it asks if you want to put a frame to in and I always pic the Polaroid one I think its very cute and fun!! I love your blog it’s full of inspiration am glad you left a comment I was missing out in great content! have a brilliant day!!

  4. thanks for you sweet comment lovely x

    that wall is amazing! Also, I'm super jealous you're seeing federer play! how amazing!

  5. bowsnhearts: haha oh cm'on, age is just a number! (: still young, still young.
    thanks girl, i did enjoy the tennis very much.

    TeacupGrunge: i was gonna name her Tinkerbell but realised that would be such an embarrassing name for a big dog! glad i went with Sushee. hehe
    thanks babe. (: i wish my sis'd give me her blazer tho! haha

    DIANA DYE: oh no worries hun! thanks for letting me know. i shall google that application.
    aww thanks (: have a great day too!

    josephine: hehe Federer was indeed amazing!

  6. haha another one of sushee's furball photos! i really enjoy reading your blog :)

  7. Aww, puppy love! Sushee is such a great name for a doggy! How cute :)I bet she was happy with her new bowls. Doggies are so sweet. Well, most of them anyway- not the ones that attack people :s but that's generally the owners fault for raising them improperly :( Some people just have no idea how to care for an animal. I bet you are a wonderful mummy to your puppy dawg!
    Ah, we all need a sleep in from time to time!You'd feel better for it- packing/moving house takes up SO MUCH energy! Gah!
    yes- more warehouses need to be painted in bright colours! No more dreary buildings! Imagine how amazing everything would look?

  8. your outfit is really nice. i really like the pants + cropped blazer combination, very chic and elegant! those bowls are really cute! i wish i could have them both! ;)

    p.s.thank you so much for replying my comment and following my blog, szela. that means a lot! :)

    have a blessed day!

  9. eugenes: i can't wait to go home and see that furball! and you are my best follower!

    dollyasylum: i wish she were still a puppy! she was sooo cute (not that she's not now). she's turning 7 this year so that makes her quite an old pooch. hahah.
    yeah most of the time when dogs misbehave, it's the owners fault. i try my best to be a responsible pet owner and loveeee my pooch.
    oh yes, moving and packing is such a chore! takes up too much time. if only someone would invent a machine that could just arrange, pack and do everything for you while you sit on your lounge car, sip margaritas and instruct it. BLISS! hahaha. i digress, sorry.
    it would be a-mazing if all factories and warehouses had colours!

    Vinda Sonata: aww thanks lovely! (:
    hehe they are cute, aren't they? i wish i could eat out of them too but i'm happy with looking at my dog eating out of them.

  10. stylish! awesome yellow wall ...