it's 2010 alright .

three years ago on new year's eve, i was lying in bed, crying my eyes out so hard that i can still vividly remember that feeling. my ex-boyfriend decided it was cool to blow off his girlfriend at the eleventh hour to spend it at a party smoking weed. yeah, how mature was that? it was painful for not just me, but for my parents too as i remember my dad coming into my room to try to cheer me up, saying, "come on, it's the New Year. come have a drink with your old man." needless to say, 2006 was the worst year ever.

three years on and on 31st December 2009, i was cooking a three-course dinner with my sister as we prepared an intimate countdown party for three - myself, sis and gaoster. we laughed, feasted, jumped around the balcony with sparklers in our hands while watching random fireworks go on display from different locations, and played mahjong till the wee hours. it might have been a very small and quiet affair but it was one of the best new year's eve for me.

salmon and avocado on white bread

baked potatoes stuffed with anchovy fillets, bacon, sage leaves, garlic and lemon zest.

tomato salad with cannellini beans, black olives and tuna flakes

baked blue grenadier fillet with bacon and rosemary

Simmone Logue sticky date pudding (all the way from Sydney!)

happy new year to you! i hope you had a great one and biggest thanks to you for being a reader, be it on a regular or random basis, THANKS! hugs and kisses, with a warped capsicum in hand (:



  1. Yummy food!!

    Small gatherings can sometimes be the best for some occasions! I am glad that he's an ex-bf now. You definitely deserve someone better!

    Have a great New Year!

  2. bowsnhearts: thanks hun. (: i hope you'll be having a great 2010 too!

  3. Well that is why he's an EX boyfriend! He did NOT deserve you!
    I'm so glad this New Years Eve was a billion times better! I prefer small get togethers too :) good food, good company, good memories!
    May your 2010 be full of AWESOMENESS!
    I love the new header by the way!

  4. babe happy new year!! the food you all prepared looks really awesome man!

  5. Glad to hear your NYE was a good one :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. ugh, its always boys that end up ruining new years isn't it? i had a similar experience with my ex boyfriend too. dickheads.

    i had a small one too, starting to think its definately the way to go! glad yours went well. please come visit me whenever you want and cook! yummmmmy!!!!

  7. i dont think this can get any more delicious looking. YUM YUM YUM, that chocolate cake looks so good! great photography girl! :)



  8. dollyasylum: aww thanks dear! small gatherings are always nice (:

    ydoubleu: happy new year to you too babe! hope yours was a good one. hehe yeah it was pretty good.

    teacupgrunge: happy new year to you too! (:

    DWDJ: yeah sucks when that happens! bah. hopefully it never has to happen to either one of us again.
    i'm liking the small ones too. i wonder if it's to do with age too. hehe. just hit back with your addy! LOL (;

    Natalie: i still look at the photos and think, "mm yum yum" hehe thanks girl! (:

  9. 1) WOW. Beautiful photos! No wonder you took so many. (I always do that too, and then my camera runs out of memory. It's quite unfortunate..)
    2) YUM. To all your food!

    Have a great time, definitely sounds/ loooks like you are!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!