i've been photo tagged !

" T A G :
All you have to do is go into your 1st photo folder,
scroll to the 10th photo,
post it and the story behind it,
then tag 5 bloggers! "

i was photo tagged by the lovely Kirryn from Teacup Grunge. here it is -

18th December 2008.

this was back in Singapore when my best friend came down from Kuala Lumpur to visit me and her other best friend who has, over the past few years, become one of my closest friends too. we were in the bus and on our way to Sentosa for some beach and awesome jelly cocktail loving. and yup that's me when i get tired of smiling for cameras.

this photo tag thingy got me going through that whole photo album and reminiscing on those times. since there ain't no rules to the photo tag, i decided to share with you a bit more on that fabulous day i had with my favourite girls - Bongla and Hart Bart.






oh and i didn't forget about tagging so i tag:
- Bongla
- Dolly Asylum
- KittyCate Hart Bart
- aelie Amie
- bowsnhearts Death Wears Diamond Jewellery

// edit //
struck through the last three cos i just realised they've already been tagged. d'oh! it's been great looking at everyone's photo tag. this is actually quite fun!


  1. missing you like carzzyyy luv, when you get back we shall have tea at Capella :)

  2. Awww, what lovely happy times you've captured here! I bet your friends are getting excited to see you again!

    I think i did this tag aaaaaages ago, on my old blog! But I will do it again, because it's fun. But I may cheat and ue the 11th photo, because from memory, my 10th pic was quite boring :P

  3. missing you too hun! Capella? man i'm so out of touch with what's new back home. i shall catch up soon!

    dollyasylum: aww thanks sweetie. i hope they ARE excite about my return! if not........ hahah

    looking forward to your photo tag then! (: