So long, Farewell Melbourne .

i'm back in sunny, hot and humid Singapore. i'm not enjoying the weather but i'll just have to start getting used to it all over again. (i'm trying not to start the next sentence with an I again) ... the weather is really getting to me that i'm not in the mood to do anything but just sit right in front of the fan 24/7 (we have a try-our-very-best-not-to-switch-on-the-a/c policy at home because we like to go Green when we can) it'd be great if i had a pool in my house but na-ah, no such luxury.


twas sad leaving Melbourne and am still kinda sad that i'm not there anymore. the silly sister teared up at the airport when i left which made me even sadder but hey, that's just part of growing up - you gotta go different ways at different times in your life.

you also know that it's time for you to have a change of outfit after your friends see you and ask, "sze, how long have you been wearing this?" so yes, i finally realised i should put away my MNG cuff pants for a while and put on another pair of pants and tee. here i am, with some photos taken at my sister's place -

the draped pockets were the first thing that caught my eyes.

wearing: Supre striped tee, Witchery draped pocket pants, Sportsgirl necklace and bangle, JKC bangle, Fossil watch, Wittner pumps.


  1. Oooh! I love the draped pocket detail. Theyre gorgeous! :)

  2. Awww, I hope it wasn't all too sad! I hope the summer doesn't drag on too long either....i don't fare too well in the heat-it's draining! Hopefully the Singapore humidity will offer up some nice storms to cool things down!
    It must be nice to see your old friends again though:)
    Even though we never got to hang out,it seems strange that you're not here now!

  3. awww you look so cute :) I'm over on the western hemisphere, so it's Winter right now, and it's actually been getting pretty cold in my city. Which is strange, 'cause it's NEVER this cold!! BRRRR!!!

  4. Cheer up! i think Sg is a nice place to stay too.. I love to go there.. =D btw i love your pants!

  5. hello there! i don't know why the comment box wouldn't show on my laptop last night. heh your pants are cool and it looks like u've got a tan in the last picture. greetings from Manc!

  6. Come back to visit some time! At least you get to experience Chinese New Year in SG!

    My 8 year old sis was really upset on the phone that I am not returning.

  7. TeacupGrunge: heh yeah the draped pockets are great! (:

    dollyasylum: thanks doll, it wasn't too sad. just quite sad.. but i'm good now!
    i hope summer ends soon for you too! it's weird that i'm not there to talk about the weather changes anymore. thankfully, i live near the coast so it does get windy at night. (:
    yeah it's been really nice to see some old faces but have yet to see them all!
    i know! it does seem strange that i'm not there anymore. once again, quite sad too. will be exciting when i do go back there again tho (:

    Orphaned Apparel: yeah they are aye! i don't think i could come up with such a design.

    Ella Anarchy: heh (: winter! i would love some winter now. oh do keep warm! wrap yourself up with warm clothing or those Snuggies which look reallllyyy comfy (and ugly i might add).

    ye55i: aww thanks sweetie (: s'pore is indeed a lovely place to live in. you should come visit soon then!

    eugenes: cool aye? me likey alot and much to mei's disapproval of my spendings on it, i'm so glad i got it nonetheless! ooh i do? yeah kinda.. too bad it's just the lighting. i'm still as fair as ever. greetings from Siglap! ;)

    bowsnhearts: yeah i would love to come back to Melbourne some time. i hope you'll still have a good CNY there (: