oh yeah, oh yeah, you can fly now.

today, i handed in my last essay assignment for my entire university life. as i dropped it into the essay box, i felt like a huge load had just been lifted off my shoulders. yet, it was kinda a sad moment too. as i walked away from the essay box, i wondered to myself how many times throughout my two and a half years at Monash University had i dropped my essays into that box. i also wondered if that was going to be the last i'll ever see it.

the fact that i'm done with this chapter of my life didn't dawn upon me until i got onto the bus and started reminiscing about the old days and in particular, my first day as an undergraduate. but the more i thought about it, the more i felt like this chapter of my life has had a good run and it's about time i close it. so fingers crossed that all goes well with the thesis and essay; until then, i will officially be able to join the ranks of adulthood (not so keen on that to be honest).


when i got back to the city, i decided to give myself a treat by doing some window shopping. nothing really caught my eye except for the newest collection at Forever New. i am totally, i repeat, t o t a l l y coveting the...

Fan Detail bustier dress

Floral maxi dress

Layered Floral dress

because i didn't get my hands on the above dresses (today), i came home and finally purchased these two items that have been put on hold for me by the very lovely Erica @ HoldMyGoldVintage on etsy.

Chain Cage mini bandage dress

Striped harem pants

i'm starting to feel like online shopping is way more fun than window/retail shopping. but who cares really, shopping is fun to me any time!


  1. congrats babe!!! finally you are freeeeee... free to hang out too ya haha

  2. thanks babe!! :D yupps totally free to hang now. waheee!

  3. it's a very strange feeling this "finishing-of-uni" thing isn't it? just imagine you've been doing it for 6 years and you can guess how much i'm struggling to wrap my head around it! good luck with finding the next chapter xx

  4. yeah it really is. i'm still not sure what i'm really going to do. good luck to you too! :)