hey it's a little shiny and futuristic for now.

it's funny how human beings like to ponder about and predict the future. from 'high' culture (scientific theories and arts) to 'low' culture (music and films), there seems to be an itching desire in the human kind's minds to explore the possibilities of what the future might be. while some belief that the future it may not even come because the world is going to end in 2012, others belief that the future it is an uber sleek and highly technologised world.

i personally believe in neither or rather, i do not wish to think about the future. it's much more worry-less and stress-free when one is living in the present and not conjuring up ideas for the future what lies ahead. but i do believe that there's no harm in being open to others' propositions of the future and i certainly find pleasure in admiring (and also laughing at) the fashion shoe world's take on the mighty unexpected future.

ETA: omg i just read through my post again and i repeated these two words, "the future", waayyyy too many times! that is one embarrassing writing for me and you to read.

GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI Swarovski-embellished sandals
jewels on fire?

THAKOON Mirror mosaic strappy sandals
everyone needs to look at themselves; even if it means from the feet. love this one.

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Robot 120 ankle boots
super high shine baby. this is amazing.

CHARLOTTE OLYMPIA Ziggy leather ankle boots
golden platforms will take you to new heights! love this one too.

EMANUEL UNGARO Very Hot strappy pumps
it's as if you'd need to strap yourself in as tightly as possible cos the future's gonna be a bumpy ride.

CAMILLA SKOVGAARD Leather cutout sandals
this looks like it's been made for running.

MARC JACOBS Metallic leather ankle boots
oh Marc, oh Marc. is it Aladdin or Star Trek?!


  1. Woah! I'll take the THAKOON shoes please! Seriously, my feet are pretty turned on right now. Isn't it funny how we immediately associate metallic colours with the Futuristic?
    I've never been a big fan of gold, but lately I've seen some stuff that I almost like! Hmmmm...

  2. Thanks for ur comment Hun! Your shoe post is so tempting. But my bank acc so cannot support this shoe fetish of mine. I like all of them! Ooh do u reckon it's worth going to chadstone mall while in melb? X

  3. dollyasylum: i know! Thakoon's shoes stand out the most for me. so so so so hot! yeah i dunno why we do that... maybe cos we associate the current day with non metallic colours? beats me.
    hehe i'm the opposite of you. i love gold! "almost like" is the first step to the gold land! ;) sorry that might have been too corny.

    amanda: you're welcome babe! ah my shoe fetish is causing my money to deplete the fastest too.
    hmm whatever's at Chadstone is in the Melb CBD too but if you have the time, it's a nice visit to pay. just to soak up that "1 Fashion Capital" atmosphere. :)