animalistic shoe kingdom.

while some would like to believe that we, human beings, evolutionised from Adam and Eve, others would like to believe that the human kind evolutionised from the apes. i personally believe in the latter which allows that animalistic side to us to translate into so many things that we do. we're constantly amused with the animal kingdom - from television documentaries and sitcoms to fashion consumerism - that endlessly feeds us with so much information about the world that we share with them. in another sense, they're a great inspiration to our world too and by 'world' here i'm referring to the fashion shoe kingdom.

the shoe kingdom at the moment seems to be turning quite animalistic. there's heaps of designers incorporating particularly the leopard, zebra and cow prints in their designs. i've always been a fan of animal prints. i think they can look great when teamed really well. but with shoes, they're rather tricky. some are just meant to be hits while others are meant to be misses.


ASHISH platform wedge from Topshop
there should be a limit to how much extra height anyone wants to put on for themselves. to add height in the form of countless spots and stripes... na-ah just ain't doing it for me.

leopard prints in particular are the biggest 'culprits' with the misses. it could be because the spots are too big, too sparse, too artificially coloured...

Louis Vuitton ankle boots

Charlotte Olympia platform heels

Jerome C. Roussea patent pumps

but i reckon the worst is when cow prints are used on a wide front ankle boots.

Luxury Rebel haircalf booties
i'm sure that's one way to rebel against luxurious products.


Giuseppe Zanotti wedges
subtle yet apparant, this pair highlights the nature of the leopard's shyness (print 'hiding' behind in the form of the wedge). it is this characteristic of the majestic animal that makes it so enticing and seductive, which is evident in this pair. Zanotti definitely knows how to play with prints.

i wish i could find more "hits" but everywhere i looked, it's just "misses" after "misses". ah wells at least there's Zanotti's wedges and that's good enough for me now. :)


  1. I'm quite wary of animal prints. For me they evoke images of trashy hookers from the 70's and 80's lol but I base that on movies :)
    It can be done tastefully but it is avery fine line.
    I do however love a GOOD animal print shoe with a black outfit - just have to find those 'hit' shoes.

    You have a great blog !

  2. thanks for the comments Bucca! :)
    LOL yeah those trashy hookers of the 70s and 80s films sure made a lasting impact with animal prints. agree with you on teaming a good animal print shoe with a black outfit. with the right shoe and the right outfit, anyone can look good in animal prints.