covered up.

it's been three days since coming back to Melbourne and i'm missing Sydney already! good thing (and funny thing too) is i'll be going back to Sydney with my family next month to visit my aunt and her family. from never having been to Sydney in my entire life to visiting the city three times in a year... it's almost an overkill but hey i'm not complaining.

i had to cover myself up yesterday when i went out because i didn't wanna invite any stares to my red patches on my body. i had to search high and low in my wardrobe for something suitable for the terribly dry and hot weather too. so even though there has been a large divide on harem pants being yay or nay, i still like them and decided to go with it.


wearing: Bardot frill shoulders blouse, Supre harem pants, Forever New Chanel-esque necklace, JKC "Ripped off by Chanel" bracelet, Casio data bank watch, Wittner black pumps.

also got my bargain Wittner heels ($30) from ebay in the mail. it's gorgeous and i feel like Dorothy from Wizard of the Oz in this pair:



  1. Absolutely LOVE this look!! :)