it's just you and me now .

time flies when you're with someone whom you really care about, who is your soul mate and best friend, your lover and companion. it's been a great two years being in a relationship with gaoster. it surprises us both at times how far we've come and we only hope for the best that this will last for as long as possible.

today was our second year anniversary. the story behind our 'anniversary' is a funny one i reckon. he didn't 'officially' ask me on a specific day to be his girl. things just kinda got on naturally and we became an item. so when it came down to finding a 'day' to celebrate our year long relationship, we kinda just settled on a date that we thought would be 1. a nice date and 2. a date closest to the time things got more serious between us. thus came 11/11 - our anniversary date.

gaoster brought me to Movida at Hosier Lane (off Flinders Lane). the food was awesome, the ambience was terrific and the company was the best. i couldn't have asked for more.


wearing: The Rodeo Show Mirabelle dress, Wittner Venice heels, JKC "Ripped off by Chanel" bracelet, Mimco cigar clutch, Sportsgirl locket necklace.

what better way to continue with our celebration than a holiday to Sydney. so i gotta get packing soon cos we'll be leaving in less than 8 hours. wahee! Sydney, here i come!


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  3. sze, congratulations to you and gao on passing the 2nd year mark! i can still remember our facebook thread last year- us discussing about how are you and gao going to st kilda's for your 1st yr anni dinner. time really just slipped past us like that.. aye? anw, 2 is just a number, liz and me always feel you guys are more like a married couple.

    anw, when are you heading back? let us know alright? is time for reunion!!!

    *sth is wrong with my google. I have to post like 3 times!!

  4. hahah thanks love! yeah i remb that too. time sure flies by too fast. miss those days when you and liz were still in melb but we'll be 'reunited' soon! i'll talk to you on msn soon :)