what sisters are for .

you can choose your friends. but you can't choose your family.
for that, i am thankful each and every day for the family that i have.


today, i say my big thanks to my one and only sister who has always been there for me no matter what. i'm sorry i couldn't stay on in Melbourne with you, you know i would have loved to. i know it's been rather lonely but i'm sure it'll get better. hang in there. LOVE YOU AH MEI! (:

for my birthday last year when i was still in Melbourne and she was back home.

and this year, now that we've reversed places.

here's her explanation for the drawing:
"those white balls are hail stones by the way. i'm along the yarra river wearing my nice new navy harem pants from forever new. the similarities are uncanny aren't they. and those are balloons, not sperms. thankew very much."

if you would like to, you can read more here.


  1. lovely blog :)and keep blogging!

    feel free for visit,follow and link.let me know

  2. very sweet that you have a good relationship with your sister!

    thanks for my blog award btw :) i will put it up soon :)

  3. Yo, I passed a quiz onto you... check my blog. ♥

  4. How ridiculously cute are the two of you??!!
    Those cards are adorable! "happy big fat old twenty two" and " those are balloons not sperm" lol.
    I want to put you both in my pocket and pat your heads and feed you cake.
    I just realised how creepy that sounds :S *nervous laughter*
    But seriously, this post is adorable!

  5. @ Dolly: awww we weren't that cute 3 years ago. i'd strangle her any day then.
    HAHAHAHA and that's like a line that i can imagine being in one of Tim Burton's films or something. not creepy at all, dont worry. really funny to me! =D and why would i reject cake right?! ;)