it's been a while .

1.45pm this arvo, i received a phone call from a random number. this is how it went -

caller: "hi, may i speak to ms (insert my name) please?"
me: "yes speaking."
caller: "hi. would you like to meet some amazing girls?"
me: "sorry?"
caller: "we have some amazing girls. would you like to meet them?"
me: "sorry you've got the wrong number."
me: "O-M-G YOU!!!"

my dear friend got me fooled. i seriously thought i had just wasted my moolah picking up a call from some stupid sex scam shit. so if you ever wanna fool a friend too, perhaps you can try this out. ;)

we met up in town and spent the bulk of our time in Topshop because ... ... okay there are two things you should know about my friend: 1. once she steps into Topshop, she just grabs clothes off the racks and lugs them all to the changing room. 2. she takes bloody long to decide which one(s) she'll take.


please meet my crazy-arsed girl in the two dresses that she got after trying on a gadzillion items.



i really liked how this white maxi looked on her and she really liked it too. but after trying on both colours at least 2 to 3 times, she decided to go with the black one as it was 'easier' to wear.



wearing: brandless dress, Just Jeans leather belt, Wittner pumps, Mulberry bag, Sportsgirl bangle, Diva bangle, Casio Data Bank watch.


  1. ooooh i like the white dress too... and You look so cute in that outfit.

    Isn't it great when old friends ring you up and get to see each other again. I'm going to meet up for lunch with a friend I haven't seen in 4 months..eek :)

  2. Aww I love yours and your friends outfits! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun hehe, always good to have a day out with a gf!


  3. Oh, your friend looks so cheerful, and the type of girl that would make you smile. She looked great in both the dresses. You too! It is always the fun-nest to go shopping with girl friends.

    Have a good day! :)

  4. I like the navy dress, it looks great on you friend.
    Love your outfit, so effortless. I'm really into dresses with belts right now, such a chic look!

  5. Both of you look young and fresh, love the white maxi and the way you've belted your dress.


  6. HAHA. Oh my god. This totally reminds me of prank calls that me and my girlfriends used to do at sleep overs when we were little. Bahaa. I love it. And these pictures are so cute and fun lookin'!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. ok
    hold on
    there is a topshop in singapore?
    when did this happen?
    where is it?
    i haven't seen it before!!
    LSKDJFLSDKFJSLDFJ i feel like i could cry if i missed it.
    i think i will be back in singapore in the next couple of months.
    topshop topshop!!

  8. pinkapplecore: thanks! (:
    oh 4 months is long indeed! im sure you'll be having a good time when you girls meet up!

    such.is-jaHnice: thanks! (: yeah it is always good fun to be around one's girlfriends.

    FJ: thanks! have a great day too (:

    Romany: thanks! (: dresses with belt are great, aren't they?

    Mez: thanks lovely! (:

    lexyht: haha phone pranks are fun to make! not so when you've been pranked tho ):
    thanks girl (:

    Cotton Socks: yes there is! we've had Topshop here since ... a long time! ok i'm sorry i shouldn't be making you feel worse about having missed it!
    there's quite a number of stores: ION Orchard, Bugis Junction, Suntec Mall, Marina Square...
    hope you'll be back here again soon to get your Topshop fix! (:

  9. I love the white maxi on her too!

    I like your dress...you always look so casual and chic at the same time!

    I miss TopShop...I always go to Wisma for Topshop, Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins. Not sure if they are still there?

    Then I hit the bottom level for the little boutiques and shoe stores.

    I wonder if Breeks is still there? The food place! Haha!

  10. awww... i thought the white maxi dress looked great on her too!

  11. these photos are so cute! i love your outfit! that bag, dress, belt... so lovely. also your friend sounds pretty hilarious. i would totally fall for the phone trick too. love the white dress on her... i think she should go back for it! haha. xx

  12. i love that white dress ! its so perfect for the upcoming warm weather, and it looks great on her

    xx lue

  13. hahaha! great prank! I'll have to try it. Although they will probably recognise my voice! Damn!
    Awww, it is nice to catch up and do "girly" stuff! I'm one of those people who tries on about 20 different things too....I'm probably torture to go shopping with :P
    Ooooh, I wish white dresses looked that pretty on me! Your friend looks stunning. And you look so adorable in that dress! Like a little safari girl or something :) Cute!

  14. bowsnhearts: thanks girl! (:
    i've not gone into Wisma yet but i know Topshop is no longer there. Orchard Rd has changed so much. i still feel like a tourist when i go there now cos i can't find my way around places.

    thetragicallychic: haha she does, doesn't she?!

    the style crusader: thanks babe (: oh she's hilarious indeed. and i'm sure if she reads all these comments, she would definitely go back for it when she gets her pay!

    The F Word Online: it's constantly hot in Singapore! ): but yeah it looks great on her.

    dollyasylum: hahaha you could try to put on a sexy/husky voice or a really low voice. who knows, your friends might get fooled!
    if you and my friend were to go shopping together, i reckon you both could just sweep the all the clothes off the racks!
    aww i'm sure it would! your hair would totally bring out the whiteness of the dress!! heh. little safari girl... that i didn't think of. hahah. thanks love (: