it's quiz time everyone .

i realise i tend to suddenly blog almost daily for a short period of time but then suddenly go missing again. i get lazy and tired, especially after a long day at work. so i salute those dedicated bloggers who actually work full time and still blog daily. how do they do that? i'd like to know if you're one of them.


Mez from Blithely Unaware recently did a quiz and passed it on to me. thanks sweetie but i'm gonna be honest, i suck at quizzes! i probably give the most boring answers so unless you are really bored or something, please kindly skip over this part and on to the next section of this entry.


How would you describe your style?

a friend just told me yesterday that they had trouble finding something for my birthday(s) because i'm a mish-mash of everything. it's true to a certain extent. but i love the masculine/feminine look the most - if you read my blog often, you'd know that i love pants. i suppose my love for pants comes from a deeper cause than just my superficial attractiveness towards it; i have eczema (a skin condition) and living in a humid country doesn't help much so i tend to scratch myself a lot, especially my legs and when i'm asleep too. all the scratching tends to leave scars behind and while some scars go away, i've gotten quite conscious of those remaining scars. pants are a great way to cover my legs up and... i can be slightly un-ladylike too =D (oops, did i even answer the question?)

What wardrobe item can’t you live without?
after the previous answer, i guess it's pretty clear aye? PANTS; without a doubt. oh but if i could also add, dresses. ah yes, definitely dresses too.

What’s on your wish list?

shoes, shoes and more shoes - Chanel pumps, Miu Miu bird platforms, Burberry knotted leather heels, Lanvin Oxford booties; clothes - Sass & Bide Circa Now and Higher Ground dresses; bags - Miu Miu coffer bag (since it first came out and i still yearn for it today), Chanel 2.55 and GST.

Who or what inspires you?
hrmmmm i'd say (as cliche as this will sound) Audrey Hepburn - for her timeless classy style - and Rachel Bilson - for her quirkyness - and all the amazing bloggers who churn out great writing, stories and/or fashion style. oh hail the internet for being such an awesome platform for all these possibilities! so yes, the internet is my inspiration too.


oh wow you've reached the end! *give yourself a pat on the back if you actually read through the quiz. if you did not and skipped that part, wells, alright give yourself a little pat on the back. afterall, i did give you permission to skip it. ;)

this entry is tooooo text heavy so here're some photos of this amazing dress that i got from the flea market i was selling my stuff at a few weeks ago:


the material is satin so it's really soft. and the prints are just too cute for words. all it took was $15 to make me a really happy girl with a new-old dress (:

ps. i'm so sorry if i haven't been checking out your blogs! i promise to do so within the next few days.
i don't think i say this often enough but, seriously, THANKS for all your comments. they make my day. (:


  1. hey thats a very cute dress you found...love the print!!! :)

  2. That dress is really pretty! Which flea market is this?

  3. @ bowsnhearts: it was a one off flea at SAM.

  4. That dress is a total SCORE! I bet it looks so cute on, and the fabric would be so nice and comfy.

    You poor thing, my daughter gets eczema too:( Especially during summer. I get it occasionally myself- generally when i stress out :S I hope it's not giving you too much grief girl!

    Oh i post pretty sporadically sometimes too..so don't worry about it :) we still loves ya!

  5. I believe that shoes are on EVERYONE'S wish list! Haha.

    And that dress is adorable. The print is so fabulous.


  6. Love the prints on the dress :D

  7. very pretty dress!

    xx, Amanda (Not So Naked)

  8. awww the print on that dress is too cute!!


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