pants o' pants, you're my second skin .

i can't quite remember the last time i wore a cardigan but it must have been back when i was still in Melbourne. amazingly, i could actually wear one throughout today because the rain gods have been very kind to pour down on us for the past couple of days, giving us a nice and cool weather.

natural weather aside, the office that i'm working at blasts the a/c like it is trying to freeze us all. so spending eight hours a day in a bloody cold office calls for a cardigan for sure.

cardigan or not, pants are and will always be there for me. i heart pants, truly. (i think i might have been a boy in my previous life. hah!)

Shoes (check)

Bag (check)

Now i put on me shoes.

Then i do a little pose.

Oh yes, and smile!

wearing -
Silk Pants: Witchery 
Top: Westco frill racerback 
Cardigan: Witchery 
Shoes: Wittner 
Bag: Gossip (gift from my best friend, Bongla)
Accessories: Marc by Marc Jacob ring (gift from my other best friend, Hart), Sportsgirl faux pearls necklace, Forever 21 bird pendant. 


  1. I love this look! Slouchy yet kind of structured pants with a cardigan. It looks perfect.

  2. You look so good in slouchy pants...if I were you, I would heart pants to death as well! Unfortunately, I must have an epic battle or something with the pants god in my previous life. I have not found a SINGLE pair of pants that look good on me in my entire 23 years.

  3. oooh I love pants, I am always wearing them. Not much of a skirt person...if I don't wear pants it's going to be a dress.

    You look so cute in that outfit it's insane. thumbs up!!

  4. gorgeous outfit! i love that cardy you suit it soo much! I'm in love with that marc jacobs ring sooooo stunning. x


  5. I NEEEEEED some new pants!All mine are old and faded and falling apart. I like the colour of your cardy too, AND the bird necklace! Oh, also the bird pendant in the last pic- so pretty! (Why yes, i do like birds!)
    We've had a few "pants and cardigan" days here too. It's nice! just gotta get me some new pants now :)