i've been drawn !

a while back, a blog friend of mine offered her fellow blog friends to send some photos to her to get their portraits drawn. i love her artworks and when she 'announced' that she would love to draw us, i jumped on the wagon and sent her some photos. here's what the very lovely and superbly talented DollyAsylum (check her blog out if you haven't! she does heaps of cool stuff.) drew for me:




  1. Those are so cool! What beautiful work.

  2. Awwwww, thanks Szela! I'm so glad you liked them :) It was a pleasure to draw you!
    I hope the weather has mellowed a bit over there? We got a lovely storm here yesterday, woot!

  3. I love dolly asylum's sketches! This one I particularly like.


  4. Wow...the first picture looks realllllllllllllllly good and really resembles you!!!

    How's life in SG? CNY is very soon! I don't get to celebrate it here. :(

  5. these are so cool! lucky you to have someone do these for you! you look awesome in the first one!

    so glad i have found your blog! i love it! have just been looking over your recent posts and i adore your sense of style and your outlook on life. i think it is hilarious that you are complaining about it being too hot... ahhh... it is SO cold in england! i would give anything to feel to hot! spring can't come quick enough for me!

    am going to stick a link to you on my favourites! xx

  6. Orphaned Apparel: Dolly's a great artist! (:

    dollyasylum: i'll never say enough thanks for drawing me and my pooch! (:
    the weather hasn't really mellowed down. it's still ridiculously hot and i wake up every morning feeling sticky. BAH. my sis told me about the flooding in Melbourne! omg that must have been so... interesting! i saw photos of people SWIMMING in Flinders. damn.

    Joanna Faith: she's amazing innit? (:

    bowsnhearts: being back has been good other than the horrible weather. ):

    the style crusader: aww thanks girl (:
    haha you know how it is, when it's hot, 'we' complain and then when it's cold, 'we' complain again! human nature. heh