gifts from halfway around the world .

i'm back from Malaysia! i know, what ever happened to blogging FROM Malaysia?! (this is the part where i start with excuses.) 1. the internet at my cousin's place was shit. 2. i was too caught up with eating that i didn't even bother taking photos. 3. i got lazy.

bad/good excuses? you decide. personally, i think excuses are bad to begin with but that's just gonna work against me now aye?

anyhoos, it's been a while since i got something in the mail so twas really nice to find the postman outside my house today with a package marked for me! i knew right away that it was from the boy in Manchester. even though it didn't reach me on Valentine's Day, the wait was definitely worthwhile.

Topshop Premium Stripe Shorts

Compiled pictures of various dogs with stuff on them

hope y'all had a good week!


  1. those shorts are so cute! what a great present! i totally know how you feel about not being bothered to take photos... sometimes you just don't feel up to. but that's totally ok.... and i have to agree, food definitely should come before photos sometimes, especially when on holiday! xx

  2. aw I love getting mail!! Glad you got back from your trip safe.


    p.s. both of those are too cute!

  3. Woot! How fun is it to have your bf living overseas now though? He can help you get all the H&M and Topshop stuff? He's in England right?

    Thanks for your sweet comment btw...job hunting has got me so down lately...it's really great that I can just go to work now and not think about how to survive next month!

  4. the style crusader: i'm glad the shorts fit well too! thanks to the boy (: yeah and esp if you're super hungry too, you just wanna eat and not think about having to do anything else!

    pinkapplecore: me too me too! it's always so much fun ripping apart the envelop/package.
    thanks! glad to be back safe and sound too (:

    bowsnhearts: yups in England. haven't made full use of him being in the UK with all the shopping stuff, yet. hehe
    glad to hear you've been feeling better already. (:

    thetragicallychic: thanks! (: