seriously, why?

do you ever look at some of the stuff that comes out from the fashion world and wonder, what in the name of god is that designer thinking?! who designs such a thing? but that's the thing with fashion and design innit? you can't always love and/or hate what you see. besides, as long as a design provokes any kind of reaction, it would be a good thing; because at least someone paid some attention.

i know everyone's entitled to their own opinions and thus, so am i. for me, designs such as these should go away, far far away, and stay as far away as possible and never ever be seen on anyone (unless that someone is able to don these designs in such an incredibly stylish way, perhaps i'll change my mind about them).

Forever Rock Cashmere Sweater by 291.
big, tacky words on the front or back of tops, bottoms and jackets. at least this one, the words are spelt correctly; i see waaayyy too many with wrong spelling, wrong phrasing, and wrong grammar. *shudders*

Life Aquatic Skirt by Erin Wasson X RVCA.
where should i begin.. the name given to the skirt or the fact that there's a 'fin' sewed to the middle of the skirt which incidentally, is positioned at the middle of one's butt?!

Wake Bike Short by Leyendecker.
i hope this one was made and designed only for the purpose its name calls for. because if anyone thinks this should be worn out to the mall or anywhere other than the gym and for sporting activities, i'm honestly speechless. these are way worse than 3/4 leggings. seriously.

Soulless Leather Shorts by Erin Wasson X RVCA.
my only issue with this pair of shorts is its length (might as well be a pair of knickers), its material (leather used for such mini shorts? i'm not saying it out but go figure), and its 'lace-up' style at the side (now this is truly lingerie-ish). ok i guess that was three issues. you get my point.

i know i was harsh on those designs but i really just can't fathom the ideas and intentions behind them. i won't do my head in with figuring those out because at the end of the day, it's simple, classy yet with a slight twist dresses such as this little one that sticks around for long.

Puff Sleeve Dress by Alice + Olivia.

*all images via shopbop.com

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