back in style.

it's been a nice break from blogland but boy have i missed it. there were so many times when i was just so tempted to log back on and type away but i managed to control myself. so while i shouldn't be on blogland, i was however, thinking about what could potentially be blogged about when i came back.

following suit to many other very stylish and fashionable bloggers out there, i will try to take photos of my outfits and post them up here regularly. i also thought of an experiment that might be fun to take on: i intend to dress in leggings for one whole week and document it here! so, if you're interested, do stick around. :)

wearing: Mango jeans, Topshop basic tee with Nique racerback top, Topshop blazer, Chanel canvas jumbo (which i never know how to capture in photos), Wittner pumps.

EDIT: cos i didn't manage to capture my Chanel (which i've named Stella. i know, how weird right? you're probably thinking, who names their bags?! hah, i do but only with my Chanels.) in the photo, i decided to take a photo of it separately. it's so much easier that way for some reason.

Canvas jumbo from S/S 2001 if i'm not wrong.

hiatus no more. :)

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