gem string party: make a statement.

there's an unequivocal trend in the fashion world right now - it's all about making a statement with your shoes and necklaces; not quite literally, but some shoes really say something to me. like these three pairs from Wittner:

Very Lady
the shoe befits this name. the green 'gems' and panel have a Grecian touch to it that comes off quite ladylike.
i absolutely love this pair! love how there's a lace up effect going on here.

the colour won't explain why it's called Vermouth - an aromatised white wine in which herbs, roots, barks, bitters and other flavourings are steeped - but rather, it's those 'gems' that embody the various elements of the Vermouth that probably explains the name better.
i love the colour and that 'bridge' connecting the heel and the sole.

the name for this one doesn't really make sense to me. but it doesn't really matter, does it?
i love the faux snake skin to the 'gems' and even to the strings.

i've been dying to own this pair but when i finally tried it on yesterday (because they finally went on sale!), it just didn't fit. my feet's too slender in the front that when i walked in this, they just kept sliding out. :(

so, to cheer myself up, i decided to settle for this one:

Sportsgirl Rose Gladiator
perfect for the hot hot heat in Melbourne!


  1. Nice choice in the sandal department - I imagine these with deconstructed denim or a Garcons-esque asymmetric concoction! I have been regretting not trying Aldo's version of the wedge, so thank you for convincing me that they wouldn't have suited my skinny feet. Loving your style :-)

  2. that sounds like a great match for the sandals! if winter were still here, they'd be great to wear with knee high socks too.

    glad i helped in convincing you these wedges wouldn't fit our skinny feet. ;) thanks for the comment!