why hello there, graduate.

i'm alive and kicking again. since the whole family got here, i've been so busy with activities that i've neglected this blog for a wee bit too long. i will admit that i've also been pretty slack with the photographing-outfits-or-wearing-interesting-outfits department; thus the excuses for my lack of updates and i truly apologise to you for that!


with the explanation of absence aside, a fair bit of exciting stuff has been going on; in particular my graduation ceremony on the 15th of December. it feels so strange yet wonderful to officially be a Monash University alumni/graduate now. i knew i would graduate from University one day but i never expected myself to undertake an Honours year because i'm not one who enjoys studying; to have done humbly well for my university education is something i feel really proud of.

i'm immensely grateful to my parents and sister for all their support and love. without them, i don't think i can be where i am today and i wouldn't ask for any other persons to be my parents and sibling. i'm also thankful each day that i have gaoster in my life: you're my rock and soul mate babe. alas, my closest and dearest friends (you know who you are) who've grown up with me, who've shared so much memories with and who've been there for me, i love you all.





goodbye, Menzies. you'll be missed.

ps. sorry if this entry was tad too sentimental for your liking! if there's one thing that has happened so far, this is the one that i have to 'record' down here.

pps. i'm back in Sydney again with the family so i'll try to update with some holiday peektures soon!


  1. My ceremony is in May!

    Like you said, where have you been all these years?!? I was at Clayton for 4.5 years and then Caulfield for 1.5 years!

    I wish I knew you!

    Congrates on graduation!

  2. You're adorable!
    Congrats on the graduation!

  3. congratulations~!!!
    pretty lady

  4. Congratulations on graduating uni hun! What an amazing achievement. You looked beautiful on the day :) xx

  5. bowsnhearts: you must post photos of your grad in May then! gosh so many coincidences yet we've never met. the world may be small but sometimes, it's still so big aye!
    thanks babe (: ps. i PM-ed you via blogger, didja get it?

    Kelsey: aww thanks! *blushes*

    Ken: thanks (:

    TeacupGrunge: thanks babe (:

    aelie: thanks hun! (: now i understand when someone tells me graduating from uni feels amazing.

  6. CONGRATS Gorgeous! OMgomgomg.. You're coming hOME!!!! YAY