until then .

saying goodbye to Sydney/New South Wales wasn't hard; but only because i slept through most of the coastal drive that my dad took to get us back to Melbourne. now that i'm looking at photos of my time there, i wish i had stayed awake during the drive so that i could have (properly) bid farewell to the beautiful state. i don't know when will i ever visit Sydney again but i'm glad i had the opportunity to explore the city and state on three different occasions within a timespan of six months.


markets are a must-see for me whenever i travel to a city so it was with great pleasure to finally tick "The Rocks" market off my Sydney to-do-and-see list on my very last day there. there were plenty of cool and weird stuff to see but the best part of the afternoon was having scones at one of the tea shops.





three words: I MISS SYDNEY.


  1. Oh i LOVE markets! I want to wear all of those colourful boots in the first pic! Obviously not all at once...unless I was an octopus or something...but they don't wear shoes, so that wouldn't work either.
    I'm in a silly mood. can you tell?! lol :D
    I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! I do miss NSW sometimes....but I must admit, I've pretty much fallen in love with Melbourne since i moved here :)
    Have a great New Year m'dear! May your 2010 be filled with ever more happiness and adventure!

  2. I just love your photographs, you are so talented! And those scones look yum.
    Hope you have a fantastic New Years! x

  3. You make me want to visit Sydney again now. I miss Singapore too...since I won't be going back for another year or so.

    I miss trolling at Far East Plaza and having coffee at Coffee Club Express. LOL!

  4. dollyasylum: hahaha those colourful boots are so fun to wear! if only Singapore wasn't a tropical country, i'd buy them. now, an octopus with colourful boots sounds like a really cute animal. hehe
    i love NSW too but if i still had to choose between coming to Melbourne or Sydney to study, it'd still be Melbourne. (:
    i hope you had a great NY babe! may yours be filled with heaps of joy and excitement!

    KittyCate: aww thanks Cate! you're too sweet. (: hope you had an awesome NY!

    bowsnhearts: oh you should go to Sydney for a short getaway since you can't go back to Singapore..
    hehe FEP is the bomb! there's always something there for anyone.