overrated Boxing Day sales .

having never been to any Boxing Day sales before, i decided to brave the crowd with my family today. the crowd numbers definitely lived up to its reputation - there were heaps of people everywhere and i've never had to queue up to get onto escalators until today!

everyone wants a bargain. Myer, Sydney City.

there were plenty of sales but i came home only with a blue tank top, maxi dress and skirt from Supre - all for under $50. can't say i'm not happy with my purchases today but just quite underwhelmed by the sales. maybe i wasn't looking around enough but one thing's for sure - i don't shop well amongst crowds.




anyhoos, hope everyone's been enjoying their holidays and counting down to 2010!


  1. I chickened out at the last minute to go to Boxing Day sales.

    At least you got something good!

  2. I have never, ever been to the Boxing Day sales (mainly because they don't even have them where I live!) But I completely agree with you about not being able to shop in crowds, I feel like screaming and running for the exits haha
    I like your purchases though, especially the maxi dress. x

  3. bowsnhearts: haha the crowd can be quite intimidating. aww thanks! (:

    KittyCate: it's a good choice on your part for not going for the sales. i felt like screaming and running for the exits but i could hardly move, least run anywhere! haha
    thanks, the maxi is my fav purchase too (:

  4. You're a braver girl than I! I wouldn't be able to stand it! I'm easily irritated in crowds hehe :D I've heard many people of past Boxing Day sales say that they're overrated too! Well, at least you found something pretty for yourself :)
    I'm looking forwaqrd to using the giftcards I got for christmas to get some well needed new clothes!
    Hope you're having a lovely holiday!

  5. thanks so much for the comment you left me bubbles, very sweet!

    oooh i could neeever do the boxing day sales! i HATE HATE crowds with a passion! especially when it comes to shopping

  6. dollyasylum: i was quite surprised at my own tolerance level! i thought i wouldn't be able to take it and would have made a total wasted trip. now i can join the group of people who give Boxing Day sales a thumbs-down!
    oooh giftcards are great! i hope you'll find some new spanking clothes to don. hehe
    thanks girl! it has indeed been a lovely holiday (:

    DWDJ: you're most welcome! (:
    i don't know how some people can actually enjoy being amongst crowds!